The Capital Punishment Justice Project (CPJP) is calling for expressions of interest for volunteers to travel to the United States, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries in the Asian region. Placements are available now. You should apply at least 3 months before you intend to travel.

One way we at CPJP assist is to send volunteers, usually but not always lawyers, students or recent graduates, to help overburdened lawyers fighting death penalty cases.

Since 2001, we have arranged for over 150 volunteers to provide direct assistance to capital defence offices in the USA. We place volunteers with lawyers who have otherwise limited resources to see that the rights of their clients are fiercely protected. We are now expanding to placements throughout Asia.

To enquire about our placement options, please contact us here

“Volunteering with the Capital Punishment Justice Program is a richly rewarding experience. Your work will make a difference to people on death row; you will be able to substantially contribute to the preparation of their defence and see that the death penalty is scrutinised and opposed. It is an extraordinary opportunity and responsibility.”

Julian McMahon, President, Capital Punishment Justice Program