Human Rights Day: open letter to the Australian government

The Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) reached in principle by Japan and Australia provides a legal framework for the Australian Defence Force and the Japanese Self-Defence Force to operate in each other’s territories.

However, there has been no public guarantee to date that Australian military personnel would not be subject to the death penalty in Japan.

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Capital Punishment Justice Project (CPJP) stands for a world without the death penalty.

We work with our volunteers, interns, and board to develop legal and policy solutions that will help save lives.



CPJP (formerly Reprieve Australia) was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2001 by criminal barristers Richard Bourke and Nick Harrington to provide legal representation and humanitarian assistance to those at risk of execution. Initially, our task was to provide volunteer assistance to programs in the US and we have since expanded to Asia.

Our Board is led by President Julian McMahon AC SC. We have 8 Board members who work on a voluntary basis. We operate on a small budget comprised of donations and grants, which covers our administrative and travel costs.

CPJP strives to be practical and effective.  We give our time for free, so we have no time to waste.  Our approach is to be flexible in the ways we assist.  Our strategies focus on providing sensible and sophisticated assistance and support to those working for change, with a particular focus on countries in our region.

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